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Who can claim a tax refund?

Any taxpayer who earned an income inferior to the personal allowance threshold and was still charged income tax, could have a case for a tax refund.
You can only obtain a tax refund provided that you have overpaid income tax in the first place and your claim does not exceed HMRC's deadlines. Anyone who has worked in the UK at some point within the last 4 tax years and has overpaid income tax can claim their money back, going back as far as 6th April 2011.
There are many reasons why an employee may have overpaid income. You may have had numerous changes in employment; gone in and out of periods of claiming Job Seeker's Allowance or ESA; you may not have been given a P45 when you left your last employment or maybe you simply forgot to give the P45 to your new employer! As a result your tax code may have been BR or OT, and provided you did not receive any automatic refund through your wages, then you may still qualify for a rebate.
Another common scenario is when a taxpayer leaves the UK permanently. In all probability, this person would not have used up their personal allowance, which means he or she may qualify for a tax refund.
CIS workers and landlords who belong to the Non Resident Landlord (NRL) scheme are another group who could also qualify for a tax refund.