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Sport Coaches Tax Rebate

Tax Rebate for Sport Coaches and Trainers

football-coaches-can claim-a-sports-tax-rebate coaches-who-are-not-already-reimbursed-can-claim-mileage-tax-relief-when-using-their-own-vehicle-to-travel-to-games-and-competitions tenis-coaches-can-claim-a-tax-rebate-when-visiting-multiple-sites

Are you an amateur or a professional sports coach or trainer? Typically, sport coaches and trainers don't realise they can also qualify for a tax rebate for many reasons. As with professional athletes and sportsmen, they can claim tax relief for a variety of legitimate expenses, going back 4 years!

If they are not already fully reimbursed by their employer, sport coaches and trainers can claim tax relief for many expenses:

  • The purchase of specialised clothing or equipment i.e. Kit; Trainers; Football boots; etc.
  • Washing and upkeep of specialist clothing and uniforms necessary to your activity
  • Mileage costs incurred when using your own vehicle to travel to temporary workplaces i.e. Visiting multiple sites, like grounds, schools; clubs; etc.
  • Mileage costs incurred when travelling to games or competitions
  • Telephone and internet costs associated with your occupation
  • Membership fees and subscriptions

Straightforward pricing: Sport Coaches Tax Rebate

  • either 20% of the refund value or £90* for rebates under £450
  • * All fees are subject to VAT.


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