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Sports Tax Rebate

I'm on work secondment in the UK, how can I claim my UK tax back?

You MUST complete a tax return. If you've already registered with HMRC and have been issued a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number, you must submit a tax return within HMRC's deadlines, otherwise you could be imposed stiff financial penalties for not complying. If you've already left the UK and did not register with HMRC (you were never issued a UTR number), you have 4 years to submit a tax return in order to get your tax back (after which time you will lose your entitlement for a tax rebate for good).
TaxRefundPro specialise in helping secondees get their UK tax back. Contact our experts so we can advise you regarding Secondment tax returns and Secondment tax rebates.

Tax Refunds in 3 easy steps!

step 1 claiming tax back

1. Contact Us

Provide us with some basic information (employment history; P60; P45).

step 2 for tax refund

2. Estimate Refund

We estimate how much refund you may be due and liaise with you.

step 3 for tax rebate

3. Receive Payment

We submit and chase your claim with HMRC until you get your money.