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NHS & Healthcare Tax Rebate Services

Under current HMRC guidelines, you can actually claim back any amount that you have overpaid in the last 4 years. So don't delay to get this checked or you could be missing out on a tax rebate...

happy workers get a tax rebate

Typically, NHS workers including Carers; HCS's; Nurses; Doctors; etc. could be entitled to a tax refund in the last 4 years if you:

  • Used your own vehicle for your job and did not get fully reimbursed by your employer
  • Frequently changed jobs or worked for multiple employment agencies
  • Are a foreign national who came to work in the UK and returned to your home country after 5th April 2010
  • Relocated overseas
  • See a BR tax code on your payslip and never received a tax refund

If any of the above applies to you, then
or call us on 0203 137 5773 and you could be on your way to claiming your tax back.
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Choose A Tax Agent who really understands the UK tax system

At TaxRefundPro, we know what tax breaks are available to you and how to minimise your tax liability within the rules.

You can obviously submit a tax return by yourself but beware... mistakes can prove very costly in the long run!

The cost of using our services generally pays for itself when considering the tax and the time you'll save.