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Tax Refunds Online

Tax Refunds Online TaxRefundPro's aim is to help you claim back any tax that you may have overpaid over the years - and which is rightfully yours!

Each year we help thousands of individuals from all over the world make sense of the UK's complex tax system and reclaim ALL the tax that they have overpaid.

We give free no obligation guidance on whether you may be eligible for a tax refund. Contact us to get an instant estimate.

If you decide our services are right for you, we will then send you a claim pack, which contains all of the forms you need - very simple and straightforward, they literally only take a few minutes to complete. If you live in UK mainland, we will even provide you with a prepaid envelope; if you live outside the UK we can email you the claim pack for you to print, sign and post back to us with your supporting documents.

Upon receipt of your completed claim pack and all requested supporting documents, we will automatically contact you to let you know we have received them. From then on, you will be assigned your own dedicated consultant to follow up on your case.

We then process your claim and submit it to HMRC. We're fast - it normally takes only 24-48 hours at our end, provided you supplied all the requested info in the first place.

HMRC usually take 4-6 weeks to process tax refund claims at their end, depending if additional information is requested from them or not. Should any further questions arise we will liaise directly with HMRC as many times as necessary and report to you so that your tax refund experience is as hassle free as possible.

Once your refund is received and funds have cleared, we will automatically transfer the amount directly into your nominated bank account, minus our fee.

Our list of services are listed below, please choose the topic that best applies to your particular situation for more detailed information.

Choose A Tax Agent who really understands the UK tax system

At TaxRefundPro, we know what tax breaks are available to you and how to minimise your tax liability within the rules.

You can obviously submit a tax return by yourself but beware... mistakes can prove very costly in the long run!

The cost of using our services generally pays for itself when considering the tax and the time you'll save.