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TaxRefundPro Referral Scheme - Earn Commission

Referral Commission Affiliate Scheme Bannre

TaxRefundPro runs a referral scheme designed to provide our affiliates or referrers with a significant source of income. Become a TaxRefundPro affiliate now and earn £££'s!!!

The referral scheme is very straightforward: For every client that you refer to us and who successfully gets a tax rebate, we will pay you 5% of our total fee.

Example of affiliate commission

You refer Mr Smith for an expenses tax rebate as he's a mechanic and buys his own tools. Mr Smith ends up receiving a £3,500 tax rebate. Our fee for this type of claim is normally 20%. This means that our commission fee for helping Mr Smith get his tax rebate is £3,500 x 20% = £700.
What we'll pay you is 5% of that figure: £700 x 5% = £35. And that's just for one client! The more people you refer to us, the more you can earn...

Affiliate/Referral Commission Rules

We made them as easy as we possibly could...

  • Commision payments by cheque or by bank transfer to UK bank accounts are free of charge.
  • Commission payments by bank transfer to overseas bank accounts carry a £25 charge admin charge, which will be deducted from your commission.
  • Commission payments only apply to new clients who actually receive a tax rebate through using our services.
  • Commission payments are paid after the client you refer to us has first been paid their tax rebate.
  • For a referral to be valid, you must supply us with the client's name, email address and mobile telephone number, all of which must be accurate and correct.
  • If you are not a client of TaxRefundPro yourself, you need to provide us with some basic details concerning how you would like us to pay you the referral fee, Please call 0203 137 5773 to arrange this.
  • TaxRefundPro Ltd reserve the right to cancel or withhold commission payments if we believe there has been fraudulent or misleading activity from the referer in relation to the claim.
  • TaxRefundPro reserve the right to amned the terms of this scheme. If this happens, we will notify our active affiliate sof these changes as far in advance as possible.
  • You can refer new clients to us at any point. However, for reporting purposes a referrer or "affiliate" is considered "Active" if they have referred a client in the last 90 days.
  • By participating in this scheme, you give us permission to contact you at any point using your email address and telephone numbers in relation to a) referrals you supply b) this affiliate scheme.

Our Referral Scheme is for

  • Anyone who wants to recommend their friends or family
  • Companies who want to refer their employees
  • Employment agencies who want to refer their candidates when they start new jobs
  • Garage owners who want to help their staff get their expenses back