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How do tax rebates work?

Tax rebates are amounts of money that the UK tax office repays taxpayers who have overpaid income tax. Every taxpayer has the right to claim back overpaid tax, regardless of nationality, and it won’t affect visa or residency status.
Every UK taxpayer is entitled to a yearly tax-free allowance (also called personal allowance). If what you earn in a tax year is less than the tax-free allowance and you still paid income tax, then you may very well have a case for a tax rebate.
You may also qualify for a tax rebate if you are employed and incurred professional exopenses that have not been refunded in full by your employer (i.e. Tools; Buisness mileage).
It is a good idea to contact a tax agent like TaxRefundPro to first ascertain if your case for a tax rebate is valid or not.