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Welcome to our blog, we'll try out best to keep you updated on the latest developments in the tax industry as well as pointing out some useful and interesting points around claiming you tax back.

How To Get A Tax Rebate For Work Expenses

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Employees who incur work-related expenses, which are not already reimbursed by their employer (or in full), may be entitled to claim a tax rebate. These expenses have to be entirely work-related and necessary for you to perform your duties. Such expenses may include the purchase of tools; business mileage if you have to use your own vehicle; exam fees & professional subscriptions; IT equipment; etc....

Claiming Tax Back On Work Expenses

There are many more expenses for which you could claim tax relief...

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Claim Your Tax Refund From HMRC

A tax refund from HM Revenue and Customs can be very difficult to obtain, without knowing all the rules, regulations and small print you might miss out on all or some of the tax your owed.

We have consultants that have expert knowledge on HMRC tax refunds, and will be happy to answer any questions about the claim process.

We know that your time is precious and trying to obtain a HM Revenue tax refund yourself can be very time consuming. Filling in tax refund forms can be a confusing and lengthy process, that's why we are here to complete all of the paperwork for you. Whatever your situation or circumstance, we know that we will be able to help you.

If you are employed and/or leaving the UK, you could be due a large tax refund and we can communicate with you by email, telephone or text to keep you updated on your claim regardless of which time zone you're in. It's difficult enough for individuals to chase up HMRC for a tax refund from within the UK, never mind having to make telephone calls late at night or early hours of the morning to chase progress...

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How To Select A Reputable Tax Agent

According to HMRC’s own statistics, 1 in 3 taxpayers overpay tax, with an estimated £322 million remaining unclaimed every year. Yet, few people bother to check if they overpaid tax in the first place, and the majority of tax payers do not seek the expert help of a tax agent to claim their money back.

Ok, taxpayers themselves can try and sort it out directly with HMRC. But apart from the fact that claiming a tax refund can sometimes become a complicated process in itself, it is not always ‘free’ as one would think. People who choose to go it alone must be prepared to invest time, energy and money in phone calls and correspondence with HMRC, with no certainty that their claim will be successful. Or they can enlist the help and expertise of a reputable tax refund company.

Tax refund companies are private firms who specialise in obtaining from HMRC the amount of overpaid income tax their clients may have overpaid. This is commonly known as a tax rebate or tax refund...

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