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Welcome to our blog, we'll try out best to keep you updated on the latest developments in the tax industry as well as pointing out some useful and interesting points around claiming you tax back.

Top 10 Oddest Excuses For Sending In A Late Tax Return

Tax Return Excuses

It’s that time of the year again, the deadline for submitting a tax return for the 2013 tax year was 31st January 2014. If you were requested to send in a return and didn’t do it by the deadline, you will incur an automatic £100 fine – dura lex, sed lex (‘the law is harsh but it’s the law’ is the coined adage from the Romans).

10 Oddest Late Tax Return Excuses

HMRC revealed some 'bizarre, exotic and flimsy excuses' used by tardy tax payers but to no avail, their appeal for Mr Taxman’s mercy was firmly rejected as they all received a £100 penalty. Reading this hit parade of moronic justifications you can easily picture many HMRC’s employees trying to contain hysteric laughing fits:...

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Understanding Tax Codes

understanding tax codes

Tax codes are a bit of a mystery for most people. Yet, understanding what they are and how they are worked out could help you realise if you paid the right amount of income tax… or not! 1 in 3 people have overpaid their income tax and a whopping £322million on average is overpaid every year!

What is a tax code?

Tax codes are generated by HMRC and communicated to your employer or pension provider so the correct amount of income tax can be deducted ‘at source’ and then repaid to the taxman (without you having to put your hand in your pocket). Tax codes indicate how much your personal allowance should be in the tax year in relation to your earned income (either from a job or a pension).

Sometimes HMRC will send a ‘Coding Notice’ directly to you. Not everyone needs...

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CIS 2013 Tax Return Deadline

CIS Tax Rebate

The deadline for submitting your tax return online for the tax year ending 2013 is the 31st of January 2014. If you have already submitted your tax return – on paper format or online – all is well. However, failure to meet this deadline will generate an automatic £100 penalty from HMRC. Please also note that in case you owe tax for 2013, this will need to be paid in full by that deadline, too.

CIS Workers - Don’t Miss The Deadline For Your 2013 Tax Return!

Regardless if you already paid income tax at source (usually 20%) or if you were only self employed part of the tax year, this does not exonerate you from completing a tax return within HMRC’s deadline. Also, please bear in mind...

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