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Woman frustrated when ringing HMRC

HMRC recently revealed that they failed to answer more than a quarter of phone calls from the public last year. In September 2014, 20.8% of people heard busy tones and could not join a phone queue when they called, while 13.7% of calls were simply not answered. This means that nearly 35% of callers had to redial... and wait some more!

The media were quick to make this headline news, and for good reason. This is not the first time that HMRC’s customer service levels come under scrutiny.

By their own admission, they failed to reach its own targets of answering 80% of calls, despite the Revenue’s having already heavily invested in its telephone equipment and online services. .

HMRC’s CEO Lin Homer apologised for this repeated failure in providing basic customer care, saying "Despite our best efforts, our call performance hasn't been up to scratch and we apologise to all those customers who have struggled to get through to us." Hence an additional £45 million investment coming from HMRC’s current funding has been decided to try and resolve the situation. Read HMRC’s complete press release here.

TaxRefundPro’s customers are also currently experiencing longer delays than expected when it comes to resolve their tax refund claims ,and this is not the first time, either. HMRC is keeping quiet regarding their repeated missed deadlines when dealing with taxpayers refunds, causing frustration to both taxpayers and ourselves for no other reason that they are “behind”. With no sign of HMRC catching up any faster with their workload, we have to relay this info to angry clients, hoping that they’ll understand that as a tax agent we are tributary to HMRC’s deadlines when it comes to process tax refunds. No matter how much pressure we put on HMRC to speed things up (and we do!), unfortunately sometimes we are just left fuming... and waiting! We take this opportunity to reassure our clients that we won’t stop fighting their corner, as always.

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