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Q&A with Linda, Our Sports Tax Rebate Manager

The actual amount of tax that sportspeople can claim back can prove really significant in value. So if you’re a full-time athlete, it is definitely worth turning to our Sports Tax Rebate manager Linda Dawson for some top tips on how to get some money back from Mr Taxman...

Q&A with Linda Dawson, Our Sports Tax Rebate Manager

Since 2013 Linda has successfully supervised sports tax rebate claims for many professional and semi-professional football players and athletes. Her clientele range from semi-pro athletes to Premier League high profile footballers, for clubs such as Arsenal, Charlton, QPR, Bristol Rovers, Portsmouth, Wigan Athletic, Crystal Palace, to name a few.

Thank to her hard work, expertise and determination, Linda has helped secure sports tax rebates worth several thousands of pounds to her customers, with one single claim fetching a staggering £28K…! Her client was very happy indeed! So let’s get some insight from Linda about tax rebates for athletes and sportspeople…

Interviewing Linda Dawson, our Sports tax rebate manager

Q - Linda, what are some of the tell-tale signs that a pro or semi-pro sportsperson could very well be due a tax rebate?

LD – Many professional athletes, including club football and rubgy players from various leagues, have never tried to claim a tax refund. This in itself could be a big tell-tale sign that they may be due a tax rebate. This is because they rarely get a second opinion when it comes to checking their tax liability, they normally rely on their accountant or tax advisor for that. In reality, they may very well be paying too much tax without knowing it. In my experience in dealing with clients in the sports world, most of them are not aware they could submit a tax rebate claim to HMRC until they came to TaxRefundPro.

Q - I imagine that most athletes would already employ an accountant to prepare their tax return. Isn’t that enough guarantee that they are not overpaying tax in the first place?

LD – Well, one would naturally think that, wouldn’t you…? The reality is somewhat different, not to say shocking in some cases. I have found that the vast majority of accountants who used to deal with my clients' tax affairs only submitted a “routine” tax return, with minimum effort spent in trying to understand each of their clients’ particular circumstances in order to reduce their tax liability to the maximum.

Q - I find that quite surprising!

LD - I know, I did too, at first! The difficulty for many professional athletes is that they totally rely on accountants and tax advisors to manage their tax affairs, and then forget about it. As a result, they could very well be losing out because they end up paying too much income tax - and I mean thousands of pounds’ worth for every single case I've managed!

Athletes and pro sportspeople are special individuals, and managing tax affairs on their behalf cannot be a routine exercise, it requires some specific knowledge and a certain amount of finesse. As qualified tax agents, TaxRefundPro is dedicated to making sure that our clients don’t pay more tax than they should; if it turns out they did, then we have the expertise to help them get it back!

Q - What typical expenses generally get overlooked by traditional accountants when dealing with professional athletes and sportspeople?

LD – Classic examples of genuine expenses that tend to get overlooked include mileage for away games; purchasing specialist kits like boots; body armour; etc… There are many others, of course.

Q - What advice would you give prospective clients who may not be certain that they are due a tax rebate?

LD – I can be reached on my mobile number: 07479946208 or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Everyone being different, we’ll have an initial no obligation and confidential chat about their particular situation.

Q – Finally, what do you like best about working for TaxRefundPro?

LD – We never take our clients for granted. From what I hear, TaxRefundPro enjoys a good reputation among athletes. We have been growing steadily through word-of-mouth, which is the best advertising we could have as a company. Our clients are so happy with our service that every claim we’ve managed has resulted in substantial tax rebates and to more referrals. The many positive reviews and recommendations we’ve received always bring a smile to my face and spurn me on to do my very best for them.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight, Linda, and we wish you continued success in helping professional athletes and sportspeople obtain a tax rebate.

Are you a semi-pro or professional athlete or sportsperson? Check if you could be due a tax rebate by calling Linda on 0203 137 5773 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request an absolutely free and confidential assessment.