Getting your tax refund when leaving/left the UK

Moving is stressful enough, especially if you're relocating outside Britain... It's all too easy to forget about the tax from the UK that you may be entitled to claim back.

Who can get a tax rebate when leaving the UK?

Just think how useful a tax refund worth hundreds – or even thousands – of pounds could prove to you! You could get a tax refund when leaving the UK, as long as you have fulfilled the following criteria:

  1. You must have paid UK income tax within the last 4 tax years.
  2. You intend to be outside the country for at least 3 months or more.
  3. You are not planning to return to work in the UK within the same tax year.

Why use TaxRefundPro?

  1. We act as your tax agent and we’ll deal with your claim from start to finish.
  2. Chasing up HMRC costs time and money, we’ll take care of all HMRC communications for you.
  3. Our expertise means we make sure you get back what is rightfully yours.
  4. We can liaise with you over the phone or by email, whatever is more convenient for you.

Don’t leave your money behind! Get your tax back when leaving the UK

Over the years, we have helped thousands of non-British nationals who worked in the UK and returned to their home country claim back the overpaid tax they were owed by HMRC. We have also helped many UK citizens who emigrated overseas obtain a tax refund. Many of our clients emigrated or returned to India; Australia; New Zealand; South Africa; France; Italy; Spain; Poland; USA; Canada; etc.

If you are leaving the UK, or you already left after 5th April 2015, you are still fully entitled to claim your tax back in the last 4 years.

Because you would leave your employment in the course of a tax year, the chances are that you would actually be due a large tax refund. Why? Because you would be due back any unused part of your tax-free personal allowance in that tax year.

Want to know more?

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